At Olive Garden Villas, we firmly believe in delivering the best possible experience for our guests so you can enjoy a fabulous holiday in Golden Beach, Thassos. In order for us to ensure we not only always provide the best but continue to consistently deliver the very best, we follow strict standards and protocols. That’s why we at Olive Garden Villas signed up to the ISO international standards organisation.

What are ISO Standards?

ISO International Standards are a series of over 21,000 clearly defined standards that guarantee a certain level of quality, safety and efficiency covering all different sorts of industries. ISO International Standards are controlled by the ISO organisation, which was formed back in 1946. The name is actually inspired by the Greek word ίσος (isos) meaning equal, and emphasises the fact that ISO standards are truly global, guaranteeing the same standard across 163 countries of the world.

Olive Garden Villas were awarded the ISO EN 14001:2015 Environmental Management System in recognition of our ongoing work to be an environmentally friendly accommodation, and doing everything we can to conserve resources and minimise pollution. We recycle the waste, and have fitted sensors at windows of our villas to make sure that the air conditioning units can’t run with the windows open and thus waste electricity.

We use solar energy to heat water, and a central heating system using minimal electricity based on green technology for the winter months. Furthermore, the villas are clad in polystyrene panels which insulate the property so that once the desired temperature is achieved in the villas they remain that way for as long as possible, minimising the need for air-conditioning or heating.

The garden is filled with native species, such as olive trees, strawberry trees, chicory and hottentot fig providing food and a habitat for local wildlife. The villa gardens are watered from our own well, and not from the resort's water supply. The flower beds are covered in a mulch of tree bark to retain water. The exterior of the villa is illuminated at night using a photo-sensitive sensor, so the lights automatically switch on at dusk, and switch off at dawn which reduces electricity.

We go to great lengths to train all our staff and visitors to be environmentally aware, and help us do our bit for the environment. We’re lucky enough to be right by the breathtaking forests and beaches of Skala Panagia, and we want to conserve the natural beauty around us.